Bronze Medal for Combatants Printed Document with Signature of Wilhelm II

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The South Africa Campaign Medal was founded by Wilhelm II to reward individuals who participated in the suppression of riots in German-occupied South West Africa.

The Bronze Medal for Combatants was awarded to all German military personnel who had rendered active combat service during the riots.

The Silver Medal for Non-Combatants was awarded to all individuals who provided auxiliary and support services during the riots, and participated in non-combat activities associated with the preparation of German forces. Such individuals included nurses and doctors.

The Medal stamp was cut by Otto Schultz. The Medals featuring his signature on the obverse are examples of the original issue medals, while the medals without his signature were awarded as replacements.

The obverse inscription translates to “South West Africa 1904-1906”.

The Bronze Medal for Combatants' reverse inscription translates to “To the victorious combatants”.

The ribbon of the Bronze Medal for Combatants may feature clasps associated with combat operations, including: "HERERO-LAND", "OMARURU", “ONGANJIRA”, “WATERBERG”, “OMAHEKE”, “GROß-NAMALAND”, “FAHLGRAS”, “TOASIS”, “KARAS-BERGE”, “GROß-NABAS”, “AUOB”, ”NURUDAS”, “NOSSOB”, “ORANJE”, “KALAHARI 1907” (this clasp was only awarded to British soldiers), and “KALAHARI 1908".

The clasps are composed of Brass gilt.

The price of the medal rises with the addition of clasps.


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