Peninsula Medal for Non-Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Ranks, Type II (by Brasseux Freres)


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Estimated market value:

$350 USD


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    Brasseux Freres
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    Obv: W Rev: PENINSULA
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    This version was produced by Brasseux Freres.

Physical Description and Item Details

A circular medal constructed of bronze. The obverse bears a variety of war trophies and a shield with the monogram "W". There are laurel branches in the background. The reverse center bears the inscription "PENINSULA" encompassed by a wreath of laurel and oak. On a loop for suspension, on a red ribbon. Stamped "BRASSEUX FRERES"


The Peninsula Medal was established by Duke Carl II on October 30, 1824. The Type II Peninsula Medal was established in 1833 by Duke Wilhelm von Braunschweig. The Type II Peninsula Medal for Non-Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Ranks was conferred upon non-commissioned officers and enlisted men who served with the British in the Peninsular War. The Type II Medal was conferred upon individuals who had not been eligible to receive the Type I Awards. Type II features the cipher “W.”

The Peninsular War began in 1806, when Napoleon Bonaparte ordered a continental blockade against England, and Britain’s long term ally, Portugal, refused to comply. In 1807, France and Spain agreed to jointly invade Portugal, and the conflict escalated in 1808, when France turned on Spain and seized strategic Spanish fortresses.


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