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The Colonial Badge was instituted by the Weimar Republic’s State Ministry of Reconstruction in October 1921 and was conferred upon German and foreign citizens who actively served in a former German colony during the First World War.

Due to the limited scope of the post-war German constitution, the award was considered a commemorative badge rather than an official award. Each recipient was responsible for purchasing their own badge.

In order to receive the award, individuals had to apply to the State Ministry of Reconstruction and provide evidence that they had actively served in a German colony during the war. Individuals who served at the Kiautschou Bay concession, a territory leased from Imperial China, had to apply to the Head of the Naval Command.

The badge was awarded by the Ministry of Reconstruction from 1924 until 1935. In 1936, the Badge was issued on the behest of Adolf Hitler. As of June 30th, 1939, individuals were no longer allowed to apply for badges.

The badge was designed by Karl Richard Möbius.

The reverse of the badge may be hollow or solid and is always stamped "GES. GESCHÜTZT NR. 33992".

This badge is also known as the Elephant Badge.


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