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The Australian Army Badge, also known as the Rising Sun Badge, was first introduced in February 1902. The Badge was introduced to identify Australian contingents that were raised to serve in South Africa during the Second Boer War.

A British Officer, Major General Sir Edward Hutton is generally credited with selecting the design of the badge. Hutton chose a design by Major Joseph Gordon that depicted a semi-circle of outward-thrusting swords and bayonets position around the Crown, as he believed it perfectly represented the cooperation between the military and naval forces of the British Empire.

In April 1902, a scroll with the inscription ‘AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH HORSE’ was added to the design. The Australian Commonwealth Horse was a mounted infantry unit that served during the Second Boer War.

In May 1904, the inscription on the scroll was changed to ‘AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH MILITARY FORCES’. This design was worn by Australian personnel throughout the First and Second World War. During this period, a number of variations were introduced for special events or unit. For example, a variation of the badge was struck for King Edward VII’s coronation in 1902. In addition, badges for the Commonwealth Horse and Australian Instructional Corps, with the name of unit inscribed on the scroll, were introduced.

In 1949, the inscription on the badge was changed to ‘AUSTRALIAN MILITARY FORCES’. In 1954, the Crown of St. Edward replaced the Imperial State Crown. In 1969, the Federation Star replaced the Crown of St, Edward and the inscription on the scroll was changed to ‘AUSTRALIA’. This version was never fully issued.

In 1991, the seventh pattern and current design was introduced. The badge features the Crown of St. Edward and a scroll with the inscription ‘THE AUSTRALIAN ARMY’.


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