Order of Al Kamal/ Order of Virtues, Type II, II Class


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  • Order of Al Kamal/ Order of Virtues, Type II, II Class

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    Silver gilt/Enamelled/Sapphires/Garnets
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The Order of Al-Kamal, or the Order of Virtues, was instituted by Sultan Husain Kamil in 1915. The Order is conferred upon Egyptian and foreign ladies in recognition of distinguished contributions or services made towards the advancement of Egypt or humanity.

The Order is presented in a Supreme Class, I Class, II Class, and III Class. The Supreme Class is bestowed upon wives of heads of state and crown princes.

The II Class is presented to the wives of ambassadors and other important male figures.

The II Class is worn by a bow.

The II Class features obverse Arabic inscriptions which translate to "Charity," "Duty," "Devotion," and "Nobility." There is also a centre Arabic inscription which translates to "Al-Kamal."

There are multiple versions of the II Class. The first version was instituted during the royal regime between 1915 and 1953 and features a surmounting royal crown. The later version was established during the Republic of Egypt and features a surmounting golden eagle.

There may be additional versions of the II Class not featured here.

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