Medal for Courage (Itur HaOz)


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  • Medal for Courage (Itur HaOz) Obverse
  • Medal for Courage (Itur HaOz) Reverse
  • Medal for Courage (Itur HaOz) Obverse

Estimated market value:

$275 USD


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The Medal for Courage (Itur HaOz) was instituted by the Knesset (government) of Isreal by the Medals Law, or the Law of Decorations, in 1970, and is Israel's second highest bravery honour, following the Medal of Valour. The Decoration is presented by the Chief of Staff to members of the Isreal Defence Forces (IDF) in recognition of acts of courage, initiative, or steadfastness demonstrated on the battlefield and in the face of an enemy. Combat service which involves the risk of life or personal safety in the performance of active duty also qualifies for the award. The Decoration may be awarded retroactively, and it is estimated that approximately 223 awards have been issued since the Decoration's institution.

The Decoration may also be awarded posthumously.

Up to 1 miniature emblem of the Decoration is authorized for wear on the ribbon to denote subsequent qualifying acts of bravery.

There may be additional versions of the Decoration which vary by composition. However, more research is needed to verify.


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