2002 Conferences Memorial Medal


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    Obv: [Arabic] Lebanon [French] Lebanon [English] Conferences Memorial Medal
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A circular bronze medal, the obverse bears the map of Lebanon in the centre bordered by the emblem of the League of Arab States at the top left and the emblem of the Francophone Summit to the bottom right, with the date 2002 on both sides, bordered with the Arabic inscription LEBANON on the right and the French inscription LEBANON on the left, below is the inscription CONFERENCES MEMORIAL MEDAL, the reverse is bare, on a ribbon with the colours of the emblem of the League of Arab States, the flag of Lebanon without the cedar tree and the colours of the five continents (Francophonie colours) vertically, measuring 35mm in diameter.


The 2002 Conferences Memorial Medal was instituted on December 20, 2002 by Decree No. 9255 and amended by Decree No. 14390 on May 13, 2005. There is no evidence that this medal was manufactured and was awarded only as a certificate and ribbon bar. It is awarded to both military personnel and civilians for distinguished service in the Arab Summit in March 2002 and the Francophonie Summit in October 2002.
This medal can be awarded posthumously.

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