Medal of Labour, in Bronze


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    Obv: [Arabic] The Republic of Lebanon / Order of Labour Rev: [Arabic] Work is Country's Life

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A circular medal constructed of bronze, the obverse center bears a green enamel cedar tree encompassed by a border with the Arabic inscription THE REPUBLIC OF LEBANON/ ORDER OF LABOUR, with a star on the left and right, the reverse bears an eight-pointed border with the Arabic inscription WORK IS COUNTRY’S LIFE in the center, the top bears a sprocket with three interlocking wheat ears and a pen, all superimposed over a ribbed background, with a ring suspension, on a red, black, yellow and green striped ribbon, measuring 40mm in diameter.


The Medal of Labour was established by Government Law on November 20, 1959. The Medal is awarded in 3 Grades in recognition of service to Lebanese industry and commerce, or for the risk of personal life in the performance of duty. The award may also be known as the Medal of Work.

Victor Abou Saad, a senior official of the Electricity and Transport Authority, proposed the creation of the Medal of Labour for outstanding workers in their area of competence. He proposed a his own design to the Social Affairs Department and after two years after the creation of the medal, Saad was awarded the medal in the III Class.

The I Class is in gilt.
The II Class is in silvered metal.
The III Class is in bronze.

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