Order of Merit, Grand Cordon


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    Obv: [Arabic] Lebanon

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A five-pointed star constructed of silver and red enamel, the tip of each point is finished with a ball, the center of the star is inscribed in Arabic with LEBANON, between each point are rays, with a ring suspension, on a green and white striped sash.


The Order of Merit was initially established by French Government Mandate on January 22, 1922, but was retained and modified following Lebanon's Independence by the Code of Decorations Decree on June 12, 1959. The Order is conferred in 4 Classes, plus an Extraordinary and Grand Cordon Class, in recognition of outstanding service to the Lebanese government, exemplary acts of courage of high moral value, or for devotion to duty to the state. Long-standing public establishments and foreigners may also be eligible for the award.

The Grand Cordon Class was added to the Order in 1957. The Grand Cordon Class is conferred upon Prime Ministers, dignitaries, and other royals. The Decoration is worn from a green and white sash and is issued with a Breast Star.

The obverse features the word "Lebanon" in Arabic.

There may be multiple versions of the Grand Cordon Class Decoration which vary by inscription, but more research is necessary.

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