Order of Devotion, Excellent Class Breast Star (for distinguished service, without wreath)


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The Order of Devotion was originally instituted under the French protectorate in 1935 as the "Medaille de Devouement" but was formally amended by Legislative Decree as a Syrian honour on July 4, 1953. The Order is awarded in 5 Classes to members of the Syrian civil service and administrators for outstanding loyalty and devotion to their work or for 5 years of faithful and sincere service to the state. Members of the Armed Forces may also be eligible for the award in recognition of extraordinary courage. Additional qualifying service includes excellent loyalty in the performance of assignments, exceptional service carried out on behalf of the homeland, and the saving of life, property, or national wealth. The Order may also be awarded to foreigners.

Recipients are initially admitted into a lower class before admittance to higher classes.

The Excellent Class Breast is worn with the Excellent Class Badge and conferred as the highest class of the Order.

The obverse features an Arabic inscription which translates to "Honour and Devotion" and the reverse is inscribed with an Arabic inscription which translates to "RS" for the Republic of Syria.

There are 2 versions of the Excellent Class Breast Star which vary by design according to service recognized. Breast Stars issued in recognition of bravery feature a star superimposed on an oakleaf wreath while Breast Stars issued in recognition of distinguished service do not feature a wreath. The Breast Star with wreath may only be issued in the first 3 classes, but more research is necessary.

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