Hero of Tajikstan (Kahramoni Tojikiston)


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The Hero of Tajikstan (Kahramoni Tojikiston) was initially instituted as an honourary title by Government Statutes on December 14, 1996, to reward both Tajik citizens and other foreigners for service to the state and society. Qualifying service includes service which advances the implementation of domestic and foreign policy, outstanding military or civil achievements performed in service of freedom, independence, or prosperity of the nation. The Gold Star of the Hero of Tajikstan was later established in 2001, and the Order was amended and expanded to reward service to the state and people which involves heroic military exploits in the name of freedom, independence, or prosperity.

Recipients of the award also entitled to the Order of Zarrintoch (see TJK***) and the Order of the Star (Sitorai) of the President of Tajikistan (see TJK***). Additionally, members receive a 100 percent salary increase in monthly emoluments, guaranteed housing, half of their rent and utilities covered, annual recreational, spa, and sanatorium stays provided at state expense, an annual first-class round rail trip within Tajikistan, and free access to urban and commuter transportation.

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