Order of Ismoili Somoni, I Class


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The Order of Ismoili Somoni was established on December 16, 1996, and is named in commemoration of Isma'il ibn Ahmad, the ruler of the Samanid Dynasty between 892 and 907 and the Great Khorasan between 900 and 907. The Order is presented in 3 Classes to state and public sector workers, personnel working in the fields of science and culture, and other citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan. The Order is awarded in recognition of high achievements in professional endeavours, significant contributions to strengthening the state, significant accomplishments in military service, and social, cultural, community, and charitable activities.

The I Class is conferred upon Tajikistan and foreign heads of state, and government or parliamentary heads of state, ministers, ambassadors and heads of departments of foreign states, heads of representatives of regional organizations and other international organizations, and Tajikistan legislative, executive, and judicial leaders. Recipients of other senior Tajikistan Orders or the II Class Order of Ismoili Somoni may also be eligible for the award of the I Class.

The I Class Decoration is worn from a Sash and with a Breast Star.

Recipients of the I Class award are also entitled to a 35 percent increase in monthly emoluments.

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