Order of the Star (Sitorai) of the President of Tajikistan, II Class


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The Order of the Star (Sitorai) of the President of Tajikistan was established on December 14, 1996, as Tajikistan's highest Order of merit. The Order is conferred in 3 Classes upon state leaders, politicians, and other citizens in recognition of distinguished service to the people. Qualifying service includes strengthening the peace and development of Tajik statehood and other significant meritorious acts performed in social or political fields which increase the international standing of Tajikistan.

The II Class is presented to citizens and foreign ministers, ambassadors, department heads, and heads of international organizations in recognition of meritorious service. Senior civil servants who have already been recognized with a senior award and recipients of the III Class of the Order of the Star (Sitorai) of the President of Tajikistan may also be eligible for the award of the II Class.

The II Class Decoration is worn by men from a neck ribbon and by women from a bow on the chest.

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