Hero of Turkmenistan (with emeralds and diamonds)


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    The image of the Hero of Turkmenistan (with emeralds and diamonds) is attributed to MaksOttoVonStirlitz at Wikipedia and is used in the public domain. See the following page for more information: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Altyn_Ay_medal.jpg


The Hero of Turkmenistan was created to reward service provided in the name of domestic and foreign policy, or for service to Turkmenistan and Society. The Order is conferred to Turkmenistan citizens as well as other foreigners by the President of Turkmenistan as a title of honour.

Recipients of the award are also entitled to other benefits including a one-time monetary award of US $100,000, an income tax-free increase in wages, salaries, and pensions of 100 percent, a five-fold increase in retirement pensions, preferential housing, and medical and transportation privileges.

There are multiple versions of the Star which vary by composition and design. However, the number of versions is uncertain, and there may be additional versions not featured here.

The reverse is stamped with the number of issue of the award.

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