Order of Sultan Hussain of Kathiri


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  • Order of Sultan Hussain of Kathiri Obverse
  • Order of Sultan Hussain of Kathiri Reverse
  • Order of Sultan Hussain of Kathiri Reverse Detail
  • Order of Sultan Hussain of Kathiri Obverse
  • Order of Sultan Hussain of Kathiri Reverse

Estimated market value:

$225 USD


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    J. Risterer & Söhne, Vienna
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    Silvered Bronze/Enamelled
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Physical Description and Item Details

In silvered bronze with red and green painted insignia, mounted to a cast bronze with black painted upward-facing crescent base, maker marked ""J. RISTERER & SÖHNE WIEN XV./I."" on the reverse, the crescent with an inner and outer facet upon which is an Arabic inscription in two lines, translating as ""This is the medal of our great Imam."", the Arabic word for Imam split between the upper and lower lines, the center of the crescent with a five-pointed star backed by crossed scimitars or temgha swords (sometimes referred to as swords of war), the hilts touching the inner edge of the crescent while the blades extend over and beyond the tips of the crescent, each arm of the star is painted green on the right and red on the left, a circular device with a beaded edge bearing a heraldic shield upon a red background in the centre of the star, the shield bisected from upper right to lower left, the upper half bearing a jester’s head while the lower half has a fluted wine glass, both icons indicating the relatively frivolous nature of the badge.


The Order of Sultan Hussain of Kathiri was to be a Family or Household Order in five degrees with civil and military divisions. The badge was to consist of a five-pointed star bearing the state arms upon crossed sabres and surrounded by a crescent moon The crescent was to bear the inscription ""Sultan Hussain bin Ali Al Kathiri.""

The badge was to be suspended from an owl or falcon, the Sultan preferring the latter. The ribbon was to be green with narrow dark red or lilac edges. It would appear that this initial design was taken from a Viennese society or fraternity badge from the early part of the twentieth century. The Sultan, along with the Qu’aiti and Wahidi Sultans, were visiting the United Nations in Geneva in 1967, with a view to setting up a loose independent federation of the states of the Eastern Protectorates, as opposed to merging with the troubled Federation of South Arabia.

However, the badge was given the go-ahead, created by contacts in Austria and re-designed as per this example. This badge was used because of its obvious Arabic style and upon approval, the badge’s design would have been amended to remove the frivolous wine glass and jester’s head and the text would have been amended to read ""SULTAN HUSSAIN BIN ALI AL KATHIRI"".

The correct ribbon for the particular badge is unknown.

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