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The Medal for Gallantry was introduced on 15 January 1991 and is conferred upon members of the Australian Defence Force for acts of gallantry in the line of duty.

If a recipient of the Medal receives the award again, it comes in the form of a gold-plated bar that features the Federation Star, flanked with flames. When the ribbon is worn alone, a bar is indicated by the addition of a Federation Star insignia. Approximately 63 have been awarded.

The obverse of the medal features the Federation Star superimposed on a background of flames. The reverse features thin fluted rays and a blank rectangular panel for the recipient’s name. The Crown of St. Edward surmounts the medal and attaches to a suspension bar that is inscribed with ‘FOR GALLANTRY’ on the obverse and reverse. The ribbon is orange with red upward-facing chevrons.

Recipients of the Medal are entitled to use the postnominal letters ‘MG’. Recipients of a bar are eligible to use the postnominal ‘MG and Bar’.


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