Civilian Service Medal 1939-1945


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The Civilian Service Medal 1939–1945 was instituted on 28 October 1994 and is conferred upon Australian civilians who worked in quasi-militaristic conditions to support the Australian war effort.

In order to be eligible for the Medal, an individual had to have performed at least 180 day of work that was more arduous than normal, while also serving under military-like conditions. For example, members of the Women’s Land Army may be eligible for the Medal, as they performed difficult physical labour, were often away from their homes for long periods of time, and were subjected to strict military-like discipline. On the contrary, individuals who worked in munitions factories are likely not eligible to receive the Medal.

The obverse of the medal features the stars of the Crux constellation, formerly known as the Southern Cross, superimposed on a globe and surrounded by mimosa or golden wattle blossoms. The Federation Star is surmounted on the medallion and above the star, there is a metal bar inscribed with ‘CIVILIAN SERVICE’. The reverse of the medal features a black horizontal panel for the recipient’s name.

The Medal can be awarded posthumously to the next-of-kin.The Medal can be awarded posthumously to the next-of-kin. Recipients are not entitled to use post-nominal letters.


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