Order of Glory, Type I, Knight, I Class (1843)


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$5,200 USD

  • Order of Glory, Type I, Knight, I Class (1843)
  • Order of Glory, Type I, Knight, I Class (1843)

Estimated market value:

$5,200 USD


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    79mm x 45mm
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    This example was sold by Beaussant-Lefevre for €4,000 in December 2017.

Physical Description and Item Details

Order of Nichan al Iftikhar, 4th class jewel, monogram of Ahmed Pacha Bey (1837-1855), openwork gold oval plat and guilloche surrounded by a laurel wreath set in silver with diamond roses, surmounted by a crescent and star also with diamond roses.


This Order was conferred upon Captains. It may have been awarded for gallantry. The knight's class was discontinued on December 31st, 1865 due to the re-organization of the Order.

This Order was initially awarded in a single class instituted by Mustafa Pasha Bey in 1835. In 1843, it was reorganized by Ahmad Pasha Bey, and expanded in 1847. Finally, it was reorganized by Muhammad as-Sadiq Pasha Bey in 1861.


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