Decoration of Valour, I Class


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  • I Class (Peacetime) Obverse

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    Obv: AL VALOR
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The Decoration of Valor was established in Chile by presidential decree on October 31, 1945. It was founded as a replacement for individual military medals that were previously suppressed for the Chilean government.

It was regulated in 1980 when it was divided into three classes that are awarded by ranks. It is conferred upon members of the Chilean Army, Navy, and Air forces, as well as civilians. It might be awarded posthumously.

It might be granted both peacetime and wartime. In peacetime, the Medal is awarded for valorous actions with imminent risk of life. In wartime, the Medal is awarded for heroic, and relevant, actions that help the success of military campaigns.

This Medal is highly rare due to it has been awarded a few times since its inception.

It is not clear the difference between the awards given for peacetime and those awarded during wartime.

The I Class is a five-pointed star suspended from an eagle with wing displayed. The star is encircled by a completed laurel wreath for the I Class, by half laurel wreath for the II Class, and it has no wreath for III Class.


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