Order of the Crown of the Realm, Collar


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  • Order of the Crown of the Realm, Collar

Estimated market value:

$3000 USD


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    This image is attributed to Morton and Eden, Lot Number 1009, Catalogue 29, November 28 2007.


Known in Malay as "Darjah Utama Seri Mahkota Negara." This order is conferred only on Rulers and Governors of the Malay States and foreign heads of state. Conferred on only thirty recipients, fifteen out of the total conferred on foreigners. It is also conferred on the Queen of Malaysia.

The motto of the order is "Berpegang tegoh pada Allah" meaning "Holding fast to God" The insignia consists of a collar, star, badge and sash, the badge being worn pendant from the collar.

The Collar consists of 22 links with a central motif of a criss-cross pattern supporting a crescent and star on a scroll ground with alternate crescent and star motifs, connected by leaf scroll and ring ornaments.

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