Military Exploit Order, I Class


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A five-pointed multi-rayed star, the obverse center bears a circular medallion of red enamel with a central star within a solid border, the border is encompassed by the inscription HUAN CHUONG / QUAN CONG, with an ornate suspension on a red ribbon, with 3 stars on the ribbon.


This Order is conferred upon civilians, military personnel, and organizations for exceptional service and gallantry in combat, training, security, and force building, or for sacrificing their life. It may be awarded posthumously.

When awarded to an organization, the organization must have demonstrated at least 5 consecutive years of exceptional achievement, organizational unity, and at least 30 years of notable growth in terms of combat, service, and training.

The I Class Medal has 3 stars on the ribbon.
The II Class Medal has 2 stars on the ribbon.
The III Class Medal has 1 star on the ribbon.

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