Order of Independence, Medal, II Class (1947 Design)


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A circular badge constructed of bronze, the obverse center bears a five-pointed star above a banner inscribed with DOC LAP (Independence) in red enamel, below that are six red flags with central stars and a branch of oak on one side and a branch of laurel on the other, on a blue background, encompassed by a plain border inscribed at the top with CỘNG HÒA XÃ HỘI CHỦ NGHĨA VIỆT NAM (Socialist Republic of Vietnam), the top is an ornamental knob for a suspension loop, the reverse is plain, on a red and white striped pentagonal ribbon, with two stars on the ribbon.


This Order was established by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1947. It is currently an award of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

This Order is conferred upon civilians, military personnel, and foreigners in recognition of extraordinary achievements in the fields of economics, politics, society, art, science, literature, defence, security, diplomacy, technology, and other fields.

When conferred upon organizations, it is awarded for exceptional achievements for at least 5 consecutive years and unity. The II Class Medal is awarded for a development plan for at least 25 years.

It can be awarded posthumously.

The I Class has 3 stars on the ribbon.
The II Class has 2 stars on the ribbon.
The III Class has 1 star on the ribbon.

The Order of Independence was redesigned in 2006 and again in 2014.

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