Long Service Cross, Type II, I Class, for 20 Years


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  • Long Service Cross, Type II, I Class, for 20 Years Obverse
  • Long Service Cross, Type II, I Class, for 20 Years Reverse
  • Long Service Cross, Type II, I Class, for 20 Years Obverse

Estimated market value:

$150+ USD


  • Country
    Bulgaria (Kingdom)
  • Makers
    C. F. Zimmermann, Pforzheim, Germany
  • Composition
    Silver gilt/Enamelled
  • Inscription
    Obv: ОТЛИЧНА СЛУЖБА Suspension: XX
  • Size
  • Image Licensing

Physical Description and Item Details

In gilt and enamels, for 20 years of service, King Boris issue, on original triangular ribbon, very fine quality make, enamels intact, extremely fine condition.


This cross was founded by Prince Ferdinand I, and it was conferred upon members of the Bulgarian Army in recognition of distinguished and uninterrupted service.

The cross was originally instituted in a single grade, and awarded for a minimum of 10 years of exemplary service. When it was awarded to Officers the cross was silver-coloured, and when it was awarded to Non-Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks the cross was bronze-coloured.

In 1899, Ferdinand I added the I Class Cross for 20 Years for Officers with enamel.

In 1933, Tsar Boris III introduced the II Class Cross for 20 Years for Non-Commissioned Officers in gilt materials.

The obverse inscription translates to "For Excellent Service".

The Type II crosses were awarded from 1918-1947. They feature the monogram of Boris III on the obverse medallion, and a red enamelled reverse medallion containing a rearing lion without a shield on its torso.

The crosses conferred during the Regency government from 1944-1946 were awarded on a ribbon featuring the national colours of Bulgaria.

During the Regency government the crosses were manufactured in Bulgaria.

The I Class Cross for 20 Years was awarded to Officers, and it features a suspension with the Roman numerals "XX".


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