Order of Military Merit, Type I, Grand Cross Breast Star (with war decoration)


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  • Order of Military Merit, Grand Cross Breast Star (with war decoration) Obverse
  • Order of Military Merit, Grand Cross Breast Star (with war decoration) Reverse
  • Order of Military Merit, Grand Cross Breast Star (with war decoration) Mark

Estimated market value:

$1800 USD


  • Country
    Bulgaria (Kingdom)
  • Composition
    Silver/Silver gilt/Enamelled
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Physical Description and Item Details

Instituted in 1900. Breast Star: bronze gilt with red, white and green enamelled insignia, mounted a silver and bronze gilt eight-pointed star base, maker marked "JOHANN SCHWERDTNER WIEN" on the reverse cartouche, measuring 98x98mm, vertical pinback, cypher in the centre slightly loose. Intact enamels, extremely fine


This Order was instituted by Ferdinand I and it was conferred upon military personnel in recognition of significant contributions to the development of the Bulgarian Army, and for dedicated, exceptional service.

The Order of Civil Merit and the Order of Military Merit have the same level of precedence.

The Order originally consisted of 6 grades, and the Grand Cross with Grand Cross Breast Star was added to the Order in 1933 by Boris III.

In November 1916 Ferdinand I added an additional military distinction to the awards conferred for military merit in wartime, which took the form of an enamelled laurel wreath. He also added diamonds to the Grand Cross with Grand Cross Breast Star, I Class with I Class Breast Star, II Class with II Class Breast Star, and III Class that were awarded to recognize exceptionally brave wartime actions.

The awards issued during the reign of Ferdinand I and Boris III feature an obverse inscription that translates to "For Military Merit", and a reverse inscription that translates to "2 August 1891".

From 1944-1946 (Type II) the Order was awarded by the Regency government. The awards issued during this period feature a lion wearing a crown on the obverse medallion, and the Bulgarian flag on the reverse medallion.

In 1946 (Type III) the Order design was altered by the new Republic government. The awards issued from 1946-1947 feature a surmounting wreath, and a crown-less lion on the obverse medallion and the Bulgarian flag on the reverse medallion.

In 2004, the Order was reinstated as the third highest Bulgarian Order.

The Order awards issued during the Regency and Republican periods were manufactured in Bulgaria.

Due to the variety of manufacturers and Monarchs who issued the Order, the awards feature numerous modifications in size, composition, and design.

The awards were issued during the Bulgarian People's Republic.

The Grand Cross Breast Star was awarded to high ranking Military personnel, such as Generals, and Senior State Officers.


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