Order of Stara Planina, II Class


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    Bulgaria (Socialist)
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This Order is a continuation on the Order of Stara Planina that was instituted during the People's Republic of Bulgaria.

The Order awards were amended during the 2003 redesign of the Bulgarian honours system.

It is currently conferred upon Bulgarian citizens and foreigners in recognition of military and civil services that contribute to the creation and maintenance of strong international relationships.

The I Class and I Class Breast Star are reserved for Bulgarian citizens. While foreigners are only eligible for the civilian versions of the II Class and III Class grades.

The grades awarded for civil service feature an oak leaves wreath suspension with a rearing lion in the centre. While the grades awarded for military service feature an oak leaves wreath suspension with a rearing lion in the centre and crossed swords.

This Order was designed by V. Starchev and K. Damjanov, and it is also known as the Order of the Balkan Mountains.

See Order of Stara Planina, BGR183 in the Orders of People's Republic of Bulgaria (1946/1950-1991) for more information.


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