Order of the Madara Horseman, II Class


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  • Order of the Madara Horseman, II Class Obverse

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    Bulgaria (Socialist)
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    The image of the Order of the Madara Horseman, II Class is attributed to Kwasura at Wikipedia at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Konnik07.gif and released into the public domain through the Bulgarian Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act Copyright, Act (Consolidation), 16/06/1993 (22/03/2000), Chapter 2, Article 4.


This Order was originally founded by the Presidium during the People’s Republic of Bulgaria.

It continued to be awarded after the fall of the People's Republic as it was considered to be a politically neutral honour.

Currently, the Order is awarded to national and foreign citizens for extraordinary civil or military services that have strengthened Bulgaria’s relationship with other nations.

The civil service awards do not have crossed swords, while the military service awards feature crossed swords surmounting the badge.

See Order of Madara Horseman, BGR186, in the Orders of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria (1946/1950-1991) for more information.

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