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This Order was awarded to foreign and national personnel, within both civil and military realms, for extraordinary services for the Sultan.

It was initially instituted in three classes, however in 1867 the Order was extended to four classes. The I Class was limited to 50 recipients, II Class to 200, III Class to 1000, and IV Class to 2000.

In 1915, the Order was awarded for military merit and two crossed swords were added behind the central medallion.

The Order was awarded until 1922, when the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist.

There is a version that displays only red enamels, it is believe this version stopped being manufactured around 1867. This was only awarded for Civil Division.

There are several variations in the design attributes of this Order, including the addition of diamonds.

The ribbon of awards conferred during WWII are decorated with a clasp of crossed swords.


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