Order of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Merit, Industrial Merit, Commander Breast Star (1926-)


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The Order of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Merit (Ordem do Mérito Agrícola, Comercial et Industrial) was instituted as the Order of Agricultural and Industrial Merit by King Charles I in 1893. It was founded to reward individuals who had contributed to the development of agriculture and industry in Portugal.

It was abolished in 1910 following the establishment of the First Portuguese Republic but was later revived in 1926. It had been reformed in 1962, 1986, and 1991.

Originally, the Order was composed of two divisions, Agricultural Merit and Industrial Merit, but a third division, Commercial Merit, was added in 1991. Currently, it is conferred upon nationals and foreigners who has displayed outstanding services in fields such as agriculture, commerce, and industry, as well as who has contributed to the economic development of the Portuguese Republic.

The Order is classified into three Types. Type I consists of the Agricultural Merit division, Type II contents the Industrial Merit division, and Type III consists of the Commerce Merit division.

The Industrial Merit division recognizes services rendered to the development of Portuguese industry.

There are two versions of the Industrial Merit Commander Breast Star. The first version was awarded from 1893-1910 and features the portrait of Charles I, while the second version, awarded since the reinstatement of the Order in 1926, features a crest. Both versions have an obverse inscription that translates to "Industrial Merit."


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