Riband of the Two Orders, Grand Cross (with crown and filigree, 1834-1850)


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    76x90mm (Badge); 30x28mm (Crown)


The Riband of the Two Orders (A Band da Duas Ordens) was created by Queen Mary I in 1789. It reunites the Military Order of Christ and the Military Order of Aviz into an order with a single grade, i.e., Grand Cross (or BDO).

It was conferred upon princes of the Portuguese Royal Family, and from 1823-1910, it was conferred upon princes of foreign royal families. It was also conferred upon foreign heads of state from 1931 until 1962 when it was officially abolished.

For a short time, circa 1825, the cross of St. Avis was replaced by the cross of the Santiago of the Sword.

It was suspended by the republican government in 1910, and re-instituted in 1918.

There are several versions that differ in size, orientation of the crosses, design, and suspension. Also, there are additional versions that include those composed of precious stones.

The ribbon was red and green, but from 1825-1830 was red and violet. The badge features both insignia.


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