Order of the Reunion, Grand Cross Breast Star (unofficial project)


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    This version was a project by Vivant Denon and Brenet. It was not actually worn.


The Order of the Reunion was established by Napoleon Bonaparte on October 18, 1811. It reunited all orders of the Empire into one French order, which helped to control the growing number of Knights in the Legion of Honour.

The Order was conferred upon subjects of the Empire for judicial or administrative services, or for meritorious military careers. The Order had limits of 10 000 Knights, 1000 Commanders, and 200 Grand Crosses. As of March 31, 1814 there were 1364 Knights, 127 Commanders, and 131 Grand Crosses.

During the First Restoration the Order was not conferred, however it was conferred when Napoleon returned to power during the Hundred Days. It was permanently discontinued by Louis XVIII on July 28, 1815. By the same decree, Louis XVIII stipulated that the members of the Order could be admitted to the Legion of Honour if they returned their decorations to the Monnaie de Paris to be melted down.

The obverse inscription translates to “All for the Empire.”

The Order of the Reunion is translated from the French "Ordre de la Réunion".

There were a number of different designs of the Grand Cross Breast Star, although there were only two that were actually worn. The earliest version was slightly oblong, while the later version was circular. Both appear in embroidered and metallic versions. In addition, there are versions that vary in size and manufacturer.

This is the same order found in Historical France, Order of the Reunion.


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