Army Long Service Bar, 1870, I Class for 21 Years


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Estimated market value:

$600 USD

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Estimated market value:

$600 USD


  • Country
  • Composition
    Silver gilt
  • Inscription
    Obv: L. XXI
  • Size
    43mm x 12mm

Physical Description and Item Details

A rectangular bar constructed of gilded silver, on a green ribbon bar. The bar is pebbled, with a Gothic letter "L", a coat of arms of Anhalt, and the Roman numeral "XXI" (21). The reverse bears a pin for attachment. Measuring 43mm x 12mm. Weighing 6.3 grams.


The Army Long Service Bar was instituted on April 6, 1870 by Duke Leopold IV. The bar was conferred upon Non-Commissioned Officers and soldiers who rendered long and faithful service in the Anhalt Army.

The I Class Bar was for 21 years of service. The II Class Bar was for 15 years and the III Class bar was for 9 years.

The Army Long Service Bar would later be replaced by Duke Friedrich II on January 1, 1914 with the Army Long Service Decorations.


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