Field Service Medal, 1839-1871 (alternative version)


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    Obv: FÜR BADENS EHRE Rev: 1848
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    This version features a different reverse inscription: '1848".

Physical Description and Item Details

A circular medal constructed of gun metal. The obverse bears the image of a crowned griffin with a sword and shield, with the inscription "FÜR BADENS EHRE" (for the honour of Baden). The reverse bears the inscription "1848" within an oak leaf wreath. With an elongated, angled loop for suspension.


The Field Service Medal was instituted by Grand Duke Leopold on January 27, 1839, and it was conferred upon military personnel from Baden, who had previously participated in a military campaign. The award was awarded to Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Enlisted Ranks, and military personnel. The medal was retrospectively awarded for campaigns dating as far back as the Napoleonic Wars of 1805.

In 1866, the Grand Duke ordered that clasps, which denoted the campaign concerned, be created for wear on the ribbon. The ribbon may feature clasp reading, "1805.", "1806.", "1806-1807.", "1807.", "1809", "1809-1810", "1812.", "1808-1813.", "1813.", "1814.", "1814-1815.", "1815.", "1848.", "1849.", "1866.", "1866-", "1870.", "1870-1871.", "1871".

The medals were produced out of oxidised copper bronze until 1866 and afterwards out of copper.


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