Long Service Decoration, I Class Cross for 15 Years (1913-1918) (in gunmetal)


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    Obv: F Rev: XV
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    This version is constructed of gunmetal.

Physical Description and Item Details

A straight armed cross pattée constructed of gun metal. The obverse bears a circular medallion in the centre with the royal monogram of Grand Duke Friedrich, encompassed by a border consisting of a laurel wreath. The reverse bears a central circular medallion with the inscription "XV", encompassed by a laurel wreath border. On a loop for suspension on a red and yellow striped ribbon.


On February 18, 1831, a series of long service decorations were introduced by Grand Duke Leopold of Baden. The decorations were established to recognise long-serving members of the Baden military, including Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Enlisted Ranks.

Initially, a I Class Cross for 25 Years was introduced for Officers and a series of clasps for 25, 18, and 12 years of service were introduced for Non-Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Ranks. The design and denominations of the clasps were changed in 1868.

In 1913, Grand Duke Friedrich introduced a newly designed version of the awards which were modelled after Prussian long service decorations. The decorations included a I Class Cross for 15 Years, II Class Medal for 12 Years, and III Class Medal for 9 Years.

The I Class Cross for 15 Years was conferred upon military personnel who rendered 15 years of irreproachable service in Baden’s army.


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