Officer Long Service Cross for 40 Years


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  • Officer Long Service Cross for 40 Years Obverse with Reverse Medallion

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  • Country
  • Makers
    Ludwig Raupp
  • Composition
    Bronze gilt
  • Inscription
    Obv: F Rev: XL
  • Size
  • Version Remarks
    18 grams Contrary to the Officer Long Service Cross for 25 Years, this decoration features a crown above the upper cross arm.
  • Image Licensing
    This image is attributed to “Abbildungen zur chronic sämtlicher Ritter Orden und Ehrenzeichen Souveraine and Regerungen, Seiner Majestat dem Konige Von Presussen Freiderich Wilhelm IV gewidmet von H. Schulze, Lieutenant in der Landwehr Artillerie”, published in 1835 in Berlin. It is in the public domain in all countries where the copyright is the author’s term of life plus 70 years.


On February 18, 1831, a series of long service decorations were introduced by Grand Duke Leopold of Baden. The decorations were established to recognise long-serving members of the Baden military, including Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and enlisted ranks.

Initially, a I Class Cross for 25 Years was introduced for Officers and a series of clasps for 25, 18, and 12 years of service were introduced for Non-Commissioned Officers and enlisted ranks.

In 1846, a new decoration for Officers, which consisted of a I Class for 40 Years and a II Class Cross for 25 Year was introduced. In 1854, the design of the I Class Cross and II Class Cross was altered. The new design featured waved cross arms and a gold-coloured gryphon on the obverse.

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