House Order of Fidelity, Grand Cross Breast Star


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  • Grand Cross Breast Star Obverse
  • Grand Cross Breast Star Reverse
  • Grand Cross Breast Star Obverse
  • Grand Cross Breast Star Reverse
  • Grand Cross Breast Star Reverse Detail
  • Grand Cross Breast Star Reverse Detail

Estimated market value:

$4400 USD


  • Country
  • Makers
    C.F. Rothe, Wien; Godet, Berlin; Ios. Zuber; L. Paar; L. Raupp, Karlsruhe; P. Willet, Karlsruhe; Violet, Paris
  • Composition
  • Inscription
  • Size
    68-89mm; 22-30mm (medallion)
  • Version Remarks
    31-100.5 grams There is variation in the size and appearances of this version as there were many manufacturers. Early examples are embroidered. Starting sometime between 1830 and 1850 they were made of metal. Later versions had the parts in gold replaced with silver gilt.


This Order was initially founded by Margrave Charles William of Baden-Durlach, and it was conferred upon members of foreign royal families, foreign heads of state, and Ducal Prince and Princesses to recognize merit and engender loyalty.

The Order went through many change throughout its lifespan. It originally featured only one class, was later expanded to include two classes, Grand Cross and Commander, and then altered a second time to discontinue the grades of Collar and Commander.

The first Grand Cross Breast Star was added as a grade to the Order in 1720 and it was embroidered.

The Grand Cross Breast Star that was composed of metal was added to the Order in 1840.

There is great variation in size and appearance of the Grand Cross Breast Star. These variations are largely based on the year they were produced and the manufacturer.

There may also be versions of the Grand Cross Breast Stars that included rubies, diamonds, and other brilliants.


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