House Order of Duke Peter Friedrich Ludwig, Military Division, Grand Commander (in gold, swords on ring)


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    Obv: PFL EIN GOTT EIN RECHT EINE WAHRHEIT Rev: 17.JAN 1755 6.JUL.1785 21.MAI 1829 27.NOV.1838
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The House Order of Duke Peter Friedrich Ludwig was instituted by Grand Duke Paul Friedrich August of Oldenburg in commemoration of his father, Duke Peter Friedrich Lodwig. It was conferred in recognition of both civil and military merit.

The order was separated into two divisions; each division featured the same awards, but they were allotted different number of members.

The first division or “die Kapitulare” was limited to members of the Oldenburg family. The chapter had an associated badge, which was a medallion surrounded by an enamelled green wreath. The badge came in numerous grades, which affected the composition.

The second division was composed of honorary members. This division of the order was allowed to confer twice as many awards.

All grades of the order, except for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals, could be awarded with crossed swords to denote military merit.

If an individual had previously received a lower-grade award with swords, and later received a higher grade without swords, they wore “swords on ring” on the higher grade.

In 1918, a further provision for a wreath of laurels was added to the order. The wreath was conferred for war merit.

The order became obsolete in 1918 when the last Grand Duke of Oldenburg abdicated.

Unlike the Commander Cross, the Grand Commander was awarded with an associated breast star.


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