Silver Wedding Commemorative Medal


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  • Silver Wedding Commemorative Medal Obverse

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    Obv: ALFRED 1874-1899 MARIE Rev: TREU UND FEST 23. JANUAR
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    The image of the Silver Wedding Commemorative Medal is attributed to Andreas Thies, Catalog 51, November 6-9, 2013. Please see the following page for more information:

Physical Description and Item Details

A smooth circular medal, constructed of silver. The obverse features the right-facing portrait of Duke Alfred and Duchess Marie with a rose twig at the bottom, with the semi-circular inscription ‘ALFRED 1874-1899 MARIE’ along the top half. At the edge of the medal is the stamp cutter’s signature ‘MAX VON KAWACZYNSKI AD. VIV. FEC.’. The reverse features the coats of arms of duke and duchess, connected by a ribbon, with a crown on top, oak leaves to the left, and laurel to the right. At the top is an arched ribbon with the inscription ‘TREU UND FEST’ (‘loyal and steadfast’). At the bottom is the date ‘23. JANUAR’ and the stamp cutter’s signature ‘M. V. K. FEC.’. On a loop for suspension, on a green ribbon with two broad white stripes.


The Silver Wedding Commemorative Medal was instituted by Duke Alfred of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha on January 23, 1899 on the occasion of his silver wedding anniversary (25 years) on the same day.

The medal was awarded to all those that attended the festivities, including the nobility, their entourage, the ducal court, the officials, and the officers on duty, as well as persons with a close relationship to the ducal family.

The medal was designed and the stamps cut by Max von Kawaczynski.


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