Order of St. Joachim, Grand Commander Cross


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  • Order of St. Joachim, Grand Commander Cross Obverse
  • Order of St. Joachim, Grand Commander Cross Reverse

Estimated market value:

$35,000 USD


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    The image of the Order of St. Joachim, Grand Commander Cross is attributed to Andreas Thies, Catalog 36, October 31, 2008. Please see the following page for more information: https://www.andreas-thies.de/onTEAM/grafik/36Auktion_S65_128.pdf

Physical Description and Item Details

A Maltese cross, constructed of gold and enamel. The cross is enamelled in white with small gold borders. In between the tips of the 12 o’clock arm is a mobile golden tournament helmet. The obverse centre medallion is in white and features St. Joachim in painted enamel, wearing a green cape and green cap, as well as a white satchel over the right shoulder and a shepherd’s staff in his right hand. The medallion ring features two green enamelled laurel branches, forming a wreath. The reverse is similar, except that the centre medallion features a green enamelled cross pattée. On a loop for suspension, on a dark green ribbon.


The Order of St. Joachim was instituted by Prince Christian Franz. The purpose of the order was to aid the needy of all religious denominations.

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