Merit Medal for Art, Science, Industry, and Agriculture, II Class Silver Medal


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A smooth circular medal, constructed of silver. The obverse features the right-facing head of Duke Günther of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. The reverse features the crowned, mirrored, and intertwined monogram ‘G’. On a loop for suspension, on a white ribbon with two light blue stripes.


The Art and Science Medal of Merit was established on February 8, 1899 by Prince Günther. The medal was conferred in recognition of exceptional service and accomplishment in the fields of Art, Science, Industry, and Agriculture. The award was established in two classes; the first class consisted of the I Class Gold Medal and I Class Silver Medal; the second class consisted of the II Class Silver Medal and II Class Bronze Medal.

On August 21, 1917, a clasp with the date '1917' was introduced for both classes. The clasp was awarded to medal recipients who rendered exceptional service or performed praiseworthy deeds during the First World War.

The II Class Silver Medal was conferred for laudable achievements and service. It was also conferred upon individuals who risked their lives to save others from peril.


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