Wilhelm Cross, II Class (without swords)


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  • Wilhelm Cross, II Class (without swords)
  • Wilhelm Cross, II Class (without swords)
  • Wilhelm Cross, II Class (without swords)

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    Obv: 1915 W Rev: KRIEGSVERDIENST
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Physical Description and Item Details

In bronze, blank reverse indicating the award for Public Welfare, 43.8 mm, scattered oxidation spots on the obverse, near extremely fine.


The Wilhelm Cross was instituted on September 13, 1915, by King Wilhelm II of Württemberg. The Cross was conferred upon military personnel who did not directly participate in the fighting of the First World War and instead served on the homefront. It was also conferred upon civilians who rendered voluntary service that benefited the public welfare during that time.

The decoration was established in two grades, a I Class Cross (with pinback, swords, and crown) and a II Class that could be awarded with or without swords. The II Class Cross with swords was awarded to military personnel who did not serve at the front. The Cross was considered to be the equivalent of the Iron Cross for service on the homefront. The II Class without swords was awarded to civilians who served in a voluntary capacity during the war.

There is a version of the II Class Cross that does not feature a reverse inscription. This version is often called the Wilhelm Cross for Merit in Public Welfare, although in actuality, the Cross was called the Jubilee Wilhelm Cross and was awarded in celebration of King Wilhelm II’s 25th year of reign. Around 1700 people applied to receive the medal.

In order to receive the I Class Cross Cross, an individual had to have previously received a II Class Cross.

It is estimated that the II Class Cross (with swords) was awarded 5329 times. The II Class Cross (without swords) was issued around 1950.


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