Order of Olga, Cross Case of Issue

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    The image of the Order of Olga, Cross Case of Issue is attributed to Hermann Historica Auctioneers, Munich. See the following page for more information: https://www.hermann-historica.de/en/l/100413/olga-orden_-_kreuz_des_ordens_fuer_herren?aid=107&Lstatus=0&ord=date_a&Accid=1238&currentpos=8


This Order was established during the Franco-Prussian War by King Charles. It was primarily awarded to women who demonstrated exceptional merit by providing voluntary aid to the wounded during the Franco-Prussian War. The Order was also infrequently awarded to men.

The eyelet surmounting the cross differed between the awards for women and men. The crosses awarded to women featured an eyelet that was parallel to the cross, while the crosses awarded to men featured an eyelet that was perpendicular to the cross.

The obverse of the decoration features the initials of King Charles intertwined with those of his wife, Queen Olga.


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