Order of the Oak Crown, Grand Cross (in Gold)


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  • Order of the Oak Crown, Grand Cross (in Gold)
  • Order of the Oak Crown, Grand Cross (in Gold)
  • Order of the Oak Crown, Grand Cross (in Gold) Reverse
  • Order of the Oak Crown, Grand Cross (in Gold) Set

Estimated market value:

$1000 USD


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Luxembourg: Grand Cross: Gold with green and white enamels, hallmarked on the ring, 57.2 mm, with a full-length sash.


The Order of the Oak Crown was established by Wilhelm II King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg by Grand Ducal Decree on December 29, 1841. It is the oldest Order in Luxembourg.

It is conferred upon civilians and military personnel of Luxembourg, as well as foreigners, in recognition of exceptional achievements. All awards are required to be returned following the death of a member or following their promotion to a higher grade. Promotion to a higher grade can only occur after a period of five years in the lower grade.

At the time of its creation, the Order was awarded in four grades: Grand Cross, Knight of the Star of the Order, Commander, and Knight. On February 5, 1858, the present grades were established when four additional grades were added to the Order. At this venture, the Knight of the Star of the Order was given the title Grand Officer, and a 5th class Officer was added following the Commander. Three medals of merit were added in Gold, silver and bronze.

Known dates of production for different manufacturers are as follows: A. Moussault (1841-1859); Wed. A. Moussault en Zonen (1859-1869); Fa. A. M. Moussault (1869-1871); van der Horst (1872-1882); Artec (1997-).

There may be additional versions of the Grand Cross that differ in composition.


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