Anna Ivanovna Coronation Table Medal (in silver)


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  • Anna Ivanovna Coronation Table Medal (in silver)
  • Anna Ivanovna Coronation Table Medal (in silver) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$4,500 USD


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    A. Schultz and L. Dmitriev
  • Composition
  • Inscription
    Obv: б.м. анна імператрица и самодержица всеросс Rev: богомь родомь ісими коронована в москве дня 28 апреля 1730
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    This example sold by D. Markov/ The New York Sale for $5,100 in January 2015.

Physical Description and Item Details

Medal. Silver. 61.3 mm. Original by A. Schultz and L. Dmitriev. On the Coronation of Anna Ioanovna, 1730. Diakov 69.1 (R3), Reichel 1688 (R3), Sm--. Crowned and mantled bust of Anna r., S.F. (Schultz. Fecit) below truncation / Anna standing, accepting the scepter and orb of the State from Faith and Fortune, while being crowned by the Venus, initials L.D. below ground line. Date in exergue double struck. Edge bruising with some resultant warping. Ugly but very rare.


This medal was awarded to commemorate the coronation of Anna Ivanovna in Moscow.

The obverse of the medal translates to "Her Majesty Anna Imperator and Autocrat of all Russias" and the reverse translates to "God Originally crowned in Moscow on April 28, 1730".


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