Order of Saint Stanislaus, Type II, Civil Division, II Class Cross (in gold)


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  • Order of Saint Stanislaus II Class Badge Obverse
  • Order of Saint Stanislaus II Class Badge Obverse
  • Order of Saint Stanislaus II Class Badge Reverse

Estimated market value:

$1,200 USD


  • Country
  • Makers
    Julius Keibel, St Petersburg
  • Composition
  • Inscription
    Obv: SS Rev: SS
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Physical Description and Item Details

(Орден Святого Станислава). Instituted 1765. (House of Romanov). Civil Division. In Gold, consisting of a red enameled Maltese cross with ball finials, with a double headed Russian Imperial Eagle in each quadrant, each eagle adorned by the Russian crown and presenting a shield with St.George (on obverse and reverse), obverse centre presenting a hand painted "SS" on white enamel (Saint Stanislaus) with a green laurel surround on Gold, reverse exhibiting Gold arms as well as a white enameled centre and hand painted "SS" in red, a well marked award including a zolotniki fineness number "56" (14K Gold) on integral ring and partial date of 1**7, marked with Russian Imperial eagle on reverse 12 o'clock arm as well as makers mark "IK" denoting Julius Keibel of St. Petersburg, measuring 45 mm (w) x 50 mm (h - inclusive of integral ring), 20.5 grams, a worn example, with minor and light contact, extremely fine.


Originally this was a Polish Order created on May 7, 1765 by King Stanislaus II, to honour the Patron Saint of Poland, St. Stanislas of Krakow (see POL101).

This Order became a Russian Order after the Polish Rebellion of 1830, when Polish forces were suppressed. It was adopted as a Russian Order in 1831.

The version with an eagle was awarded to Non-Christians, and the version with swords was awarded to military personnel.

The obverse features the initials of the Saint.


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