German Army Gefreiter Chevron


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  • German Army Gefreiter Chevron Obverse
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Physical Description and Item Details

Constructed of a dark green wool backer bearing dual silver aluminum wire tresses, unmarked, measuring 85 mm (w) x 70 mm (h), in near extremely fine condition.


Chevron-based rank insignia for Enlisted Men were initially introduced in 1920. However, the system was slightly changed in 1936. They were worn on the upper left arm.

Chevrons were stitched onto dark blue-green cloth backing for most troops. The backing is black for panzer troops, and tan-coloured for tropical units.
On occasion, field-grey and off-white (for denim uniforms) was used as well.
Sometimes the chevrons were stitched directly onto the uniform with no cloth backing whatsoever.

The colour of the chevrons is either dull grey or silver-coloured. One exception are the chevrons of the Deutsches Afrika Korps, which are dull gold-coloured or copper-brown.

The Gefreiter rank insignia version used between 1920 and 1936 shows two downward pointing chevrons. In 1936 this was changed to one downward pointing chevron.


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