German Army Führerhauptquartier Cuff Title (2nd version)


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  • German Army Führerhauptquartier Cuff Title (2nd version) Obverse
  • German Army Führerhauptquartier Cuff Title (2nd version) Obverse
  • German Army Führerhauptquartier Cuff Title (2nd version) Detail

Estimated market value:

$1000 USD


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An extremely rare and well-preserved Wehrmacht cuff title worn by staff members of the Führer’s wartime headquarters, constructed of smooth black doeskin wool, trimmed by dual bands of finely machine-embroidered silver aluminum threading, with central machine-embroidred silver aluminum wire stylized inscription reading “Führerhauptquartier”, measuring 30 mm (w) x 455 mm (l), in uniform-removed and near extremely fine condition.


Cuff titles could serve several different purposes. They were used as commemorative or traditions insignia, or identifying the wearer as part of an elite unit. They were also used as career/role insignia. Some cuff titles were awarded to soldiers taking part in certain campaigns, making them the equivalent of a campaign medal. These are more accurately known as sleeve bands.

Cuff titles were mostly worn on the right sleeve, however, there were many exceptions to this rule.

This cuff title was worn on the left sleeve by army personnel of Hitler’s military headquarters. It was not to be worn outside the headquarters. It is a black band with golden-yellow Gothic letters, with a gold-coloured top and bottom stripe. The word is hyphenated to “Führer-Hauptquartier”. There are also examples with silver-grey letters and stripes.
A second pattern was introduced on January 15, 1941. It has silver-coloured stripes and Sütterlin letters, and the word is no longer hyphenated.


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