German Army North Caucasians Sleeve Insignia (2nd version)


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  • German Army North Caucasians Sleeve Insignia (2nd version) Obverse
  • German Army North Caucasians Sleeve Insignia (2nd version) Reverse

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$100 USD


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Physical Description and Item Details

Bevo-made, yellow, blue and black embroidered insignia, on a Army green rayon base, 67 mm x 83 mm, mint.


Foreigners in the Wehrmacht either wore their own national uniforms with German rank insignia, or German uniforms with sleeve insignia identifying their country of origin. These sleeve insignia were supposed to be worn on the right upper sleeve, although they were also often worn on the left side. The shield usually shows the national colours, and often comes with a country name in Latin capitals at the top.

Of most of the foreigners sleeve insignia one or more additional (slightly) altered variants may exist.

The North Caucasians insignia has two main versions.

The first version shows horizontal stripes, green/red, with a white crescent moon and six stars in the upper left corner, inside a black border, and “Nordkaukasien” in white letters on black.
The second version was introduced in 1943. It shows a blue shield with a circle of three yellow horse heads, inside a black border, with “Bergkaukasien” in yellow letters on black.


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