German Army Marksmanship Lanyard Grade 5


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  • German Army Marksmanship Lanyard Grade 5 Obverse
  • German Army Marksmanship Lanyard Grade 5 Reverse
  • German Army Marksmanship Lanyard Grade 5 Shield Obverse
  • German Army Marksmanship Lanyard Grade 5 Loop Detail

Estimated market value:

$100 USD


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Physical Description and Item Details

Silvered aluminum badge, 43 mm x 57.5 mm, on a full-length of gray lanyard with interwoven aluminum thread cord, uniform worn, better than extremely fine.


Marksmanship Lanyards were introduced on June 29, 1936. They were worn by Enlisted Men and NCOs only, not by Officers. They were worn with the more formal uniforms over the right side of the chest up to the lower part of the right shoulder.

These Lanyards were based on a soldier’s level of skill with a weapon. They were awarded for a variety of weapons. The Lanyard is completed by a shield, either silver-coloured or gold-coloured, and by up to three acorns or artillery shells, depending on rank, proficiency level, and service branch.

Lanyards for armoured personnel were introduced on October 17, 1938. The shield shows a tank.

A new design for the first four grades was introduced on January 9, 1939.

Grade 1 to Grade 4 have a silver-coloured shield with zero, one, two, or three acorns or shells.
Grade 5 to Grade 8 are similar, but the shield is bigger, as are the oak leaves around it and the swords that are superimposed on it.
Grade 9 to Grade 12 are the same as Grade 5 to Grade 8, but gold-coloured instead of silver-coloured.


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