German Army Field Trousers (1st pattern)


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Initially trousers were grey with no greenish component to them. Officially the colour was known as steingrau (stone-grey). Starting in 1940 trousers were made of the same field-grey material as most garments.

The Field Trousers were used for duty and combat situations.

The first pattern, often referred to as the M(odel) 36, is straight-legged with a high waisted cut. There are four fly buttons and a top waist button. Three sets of two buttons are stitched to the outside of the the waist band, one set on each side of the front and one set on the back. These are used for attachment of the suspenders.
The trousers have two slanting side pockets in the front which came either with or without flaps, but always with a button per pocket. There is also a small watch pocket on the right front, and one back pocket on the right side.

The second pattern, often referred to as the M(odel) 43, has some slight differences. These trousers have a straight waist and a built-in belt. The legs are draw stringed, and the suspenders are held by two cloth tapes with buttons in the front.
The pockets are the same, except that there are two back pockets instead just one, and all pockets have straight buttoned flaps with grey horn buttons.


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