German Army Panzer Field Jacket


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Estimated market value:

$3000 USD


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Physical Description and Item Details

Wehrmacht Panzer Division Oberfeldwebel uniform tunic. The collars are adorned with pink/rosa Panzer piping along the outside borders, with a set of matching machine-sewn Panzer collar tabs on both out-facing collar ends, each fabricated out of black wool uppers, trimmed in pink piping, and with non-magnetic metal Panzer skull insignia. The uniform also features a set of non-matching period original replacement Panzer shoulder boards, crafted out of black wool uppers, pink/rosa piping, and aluminum strips bordering all four sides, with two aluminum pips held in place by two pins each. The shoulder boards are firmly held in place by a black wool loop attached to each side of the shoulder, as well as a grey pebbled zinc button. The breast eagle is a standard Panzer eagle in white threaded machine embroidery, on a black backer, sewn between the lower two of the three lapel buttons on the right chest. The Iron Cross Second Class ribbon is hand-sewn between the upper two of the three lapel buttons, reaching behind the tunic, and stopping before the button-hole opening. There are six small loops on the outside left side of the tunic to attach awards. On the right side of the tunic are three small plain black, and three large black buttons (missing one) with a cogwheel and swastika design on each, with an equal number of button-holes on the left side opening, along with a black hook and eye at the collar opening. Two additional small plain buttons adorn the lower right side opening that latch onto grey cotton loops on the opposite side, as well as two cotton flaps with reinforced button holes on the inside of the left opening, to ensure a tight and snug weather-proof fit. On the inside, the right and left flaps of the tunic are lined with a grey vertical cotton panels extending from the armpits to the bottom seam; the right side features a horizontal-slit pocket, while the left side features a vertical-slit pocket, both at the midway points, with a set of grey cotton strings, and flaps attached on either side. The inside of the left pocket is stamped in black ink “B.II.40” and “G. MANT(indecipherable)E” as well as “1”, “96”, “57”, “61”. The right side of the tunic is maker stamped “Ruhr -Lückerath - Euskirchen”. There appears to be some glue residue on the left-hand shoulder board from collector’s mounting. There is also one large button missing, but the tunic and all accessories are all overall very well preserved and in extremely fine condition, without rips, tears, or mothing.


The jacket used by Panzer units is black, double breasted, and fly-fronted, with pink branch colour piping around the outer edge of the collar, which was discontinued in 1942. It was worn by all ranks.

The jacket was worn open at the neck with the lapels folded back, and closed by three buttons on the lapel and four buttons down the front below it. Two black horn buttons on the right side of the chest can secure the left lapel, in case the jacket was worn closed at the neck. The sleeves have a slash and button for adjustment. There are two inside breast pockets, the right one rectangular, the left one slanted.

A field grey version was introduced for members of assault gun units on May 29, 1940.


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